Regular Walk-In Studio Hours

Monday: Closed for Walk-ins (open by appointment only)

Tuesday: Walk-In 10:00 am-2:00 pm

Wednesday-Saturday: Walk-In 10:00 am-6:00 pm

Sunday Walk-In 12:30pm-5:30pm

* Please arrive at least one hour prior to closing to allow time to complete a project. 

Do I need an Appointment? 


Appointments are not necessary unless you have a group larger than 6 (non-painters included) or plan to come when we are not open for walk-in creation. We take walk-ins for groups of 6 or less (including non-painters) anytime we are open. 

Creative License Art Studio

 2770 East Sumner St Suite 1 Hartford, WI 53027

Tel: 262-214-1130


Is there a limit to the number of people in a walk-in group?

There is no limit to the number of people. Our tables seat up to six people at one table. 

Do I need to schedule an appointment to come in to create?

Walk-ins are always welcome during our regular operating hours. You only need an appointment if you are hosting a private party or want to reserve space for a larger group.

How do take home art projects work?

Creative License® offers projects to-go with all of the materials you need to create a finished pieces. Simply order on our online shop, choose your pick up time, pick up your complete kit, create, and if necessary bring it back to us for kiln magic. 

Do you offer instructional canvas painting classes?

Yes, instructional canvas painting classes are available at our studio or on-location. Whether you have never painted before or haven’t held a brush since elementary school, you’ll create a beautiful pieces of canvas art with our step-by-step lessons.

Classes can be any size. We have a $25 travel fee for classes held outside our studio. The party host will select the template used for the lesson.

How do on-site art parties work?

If you arrange for a painting party outside our Hartford studio, you get to have all of the fun and none of the work! Our Creative Consultants bring all the painting supplies to your location and handle cleanup. You just need to have a large enough location for all your guests.

You can host an art party wherever you want, including:

  • Workplace

  • School

  • Church

  • Community center

  • House

Parties must be scheduled in advance. Contact our studio to schedule your art event.

Can I learn new painting techniques at your studio?

Yes! Our Creative Consultants are always ready to share tips and tricks for painting pottery or canvas. With ceramic, we can teach you:

  • Bubbling

  • Marbling

  • Stenciling

  • And more!


Do you offer pottery wheel lessons?

Yes, our studio has pottery wheel lessons for any artist who wants to master creating with clay. Up to 2 people can participate in a class at a time. Lessons last 1 hour and are $50. Your piece will be fired after the class so you can come back and paint it. 


What type of art project is best for my child?

Every child is different when it comes to art. Picking a project at our studio will depend on what sort of art they like. Let your kid explore and be inspired! Painting ceramic figures is very popular with kids of all ages. Some kids might need a more hands-on project like sculpting clay. Others enjoy the challenge of painting something original on canvas. Please note: Fused glass art is recommended only for children ages 10 and up.


Can I see the Kilns?

Anyone can have a brief tour of our Kilns during our open hours.

How long will it take before I can bring home my finished project?

After Creation, your kiln fired project will be ready one week from the day you finish. Clay creations will take an extra week since the clay has to be fired before and after it is painted. Canvas projects are ready for display in your home or as a gift the same day you create. Just make sure the paint is fully dry!


I am not creative, I cannot paint or make a glass piece. What can I do at your studio?

We believe all humans possess art in their hearts. Everybody interprets the world around them differently, and those interpretations and sympathies can leap forward to be expressed through creative art. No matter the age, experience ,or confidence level, our friendly staff is trained to help you let the art out. Art isn’t always about being creative. It’s about finding a unique way to express yourself. Whether it’s carefully planning a piece of fused glass or going wild with colors on a canvas, there is a project at our studio you will enjoy. Ask our Creative Consultants for advice if you’re not sure where to start. We offer instructional canvas painting classes for anyone who wants to learn how to paint.

What if I don't have time to finish my project today?

If you do not finish, we will wrap your project to take with you. You can bring it back to finish another time or you can finish it at home by taking along some of our paint and brushes!