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Project Gallery

No appointment is necessary at Creative License®! Local family fun is right at your finger tips... During regular studio hours, you can walk in and create art.

We pride our studio on being a wholesome atmosphere for the entire family. In our studio you will hear uplifting, encouraging music, and experience the smiles of our joyful staff.


Letting out the artist within has never been easier. Choose your collective project - paint your own pottery, paint on canvas or wood, create with wet clay, or fuse glass - and our Creative Consultants will give you all the tools and instruction you need to get started!

paint pottery Creative License

Paint Your Own Pottery


A beautiful ceramic work of art is inside you – let it out at Creative License® studio in Hartford, WI. We’ll help you find your inner artist as you paint or make your own ceramics!


Our art studio lets everyone be an artist, no matter their skill level. We welcome everyone to stop on in and learn a new way to creatively express themselves through paint your own pottery. Or you can bring home the fun with our all inclusive To-Go pottery kits. 


Create & Decorate Clay

Imagine taking a ball of clay, a piece of the very earth you stand on, and letting your hands grant it form where there was once nothing. What could be more artistically satisfying than breathing new life into something with your own hands? 

At Creative License®, you’re not limited to our poured pottery forms. You can work with your own ball of clay to create a unique piece of art. You have the power to turn a simple ball of clay into a bowl, a vase, a beautiful figurine, or whatever your heart desires. Who knows what you’ll create when you’re only limited by your imagination!


After a short drying period and its first kin firing, you can return to Creative License® to paint your ceramics and finish your creation. Schedule a pottery wheel lesson.


Fused Glass

We believe an artist is inside everyone, just waiting to get out. At Creative License®, you can create stunning pieces of art with fused glass!


The process is easy and kids any age with the help of an adult can try creating beautiful glass art.


Fused glass is a faster, easier alternative to making stained or blown glass art. Walk right into our studio during regular walk-in hours if you have experience working with fused glass or join in on one of our beginner fused glass classes and give it a try today!


Canvas Painting


You’re an artist at heart, whether you know it or not. A blank canvas is an open door to possibilities limited only by your imagination, not your ability or talent!


Not sure where to get started? We have a wide variety of templates you can follow to create a beautiful design, or you can follow your heart and paint something completely original. You’ll find a magnificent spectrum of acrylic paints in our studio, and a variety of brushes in different sizes and shapes to choose from.

There are no limits at Creative License®; choose a canvas size and paint as big or as small as you desire.

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