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Ceramic Figure Party

$175 Includes

 6" figurine painting for up to 6 kids,

each additional child is $20 extra. 

Party Plate signed by all guests in attendance.

Handprint on our Birthday party celebration wall.

Dedicated staff for your 2 hour party. 


$50 booking fee Includes

Non-refundable room rental fee 

Choose your own pieces based off the shelf prices of $16 on up.

Prices based on the piece you choose.

Dedicated staff for your 2 hour party. 


Fused Glass Party

$225 Includes

6x6 glass base per guest to build on.

6 guests included in the cost of the part. $35 per additional guests

Suggested for ages 10 and up only!

Dedicated staff for your 2 hour party. 

Team Building Mug Switch

$30 each person includes

Mug of personal choosing 

Questionaire to help guide coworkers on creating a personalized mug for eachother.

Tools and techniques to help "non-artistic" attendees. 

Travel up to 10 miles from our Hartford location with supplies to complete at a site of your choosing.

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