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Beginner Fused Glass Class

April 28th 1pm-3pm

May 2nd 1pm-3pm

May 5th 1pm-3pm

May 9th 1pm-3pm

May 19th 1pm-3pm

Have you ever wanted to learn about fused glass! Fused Glass is an abstract art completed by melting glass together in a kiln. You get to do the design work and we take your piece and do the technical kiln part. suggested for ages 10 and up.

Learn the aspects of glass fusing, including how pieces may look after they melt in the kiln, what different shapes may look like in different sizes and shapes etc...

$10 includes the instructions tips and tricks. Cost of your base to build on is between $20-$50. Shapping is included in the cost of this class.

Fee per person



Mother's Day at the Studio

May 12th 2024 10:00am-Noon



Join us In our party room with mom and up to 12 guests for a fun mother's day choose your own project party.

Your$50 fee includes room rental, clean up fee, dedicated staff member for your party, and a mothers day plate signed by all in attendance. 

Only additional fee includes the cost of pieces choosen for painting during your party

Book now, there are only 3 time slots available for this fun day with the Moms in your life. 

Fee per person


Book Now
Gare Project Plans - Dreamy Mushrooms Plate.jpg

Dreamy Mushroom Plate

May 6th 2024 4:00pm-6:00pm

Are you catching on to the mushroom decor trend? Have you always wanted to paint a mushroom but wasn't sure how to make it look not like Mario? We will go step by step to create this dreamy watercolor mushroom. 

Your$50 fee includes dinner platel sized ceramic, paints needed to create, step by step assistance from an instructor to create this design.

Coordinate with your friends or come solo and meet new friends. 

Fee per person


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